A not booting BeagleBone Black – A quick troubleshooting guide

The BeagleBone Black is my own personal favourite among the single-board computers that I have used. So much so, in fact, that recently I decided to buy myself another one. Given the relative age of these devices, they are easier to find on the second-hand market than through retail channels, it seems. This, combined with […]

The Pynq Z2 – A hobbyist’s review

The Pynq Z2 is a rather curious single-board computer. It has some very compelling features when compared to the Raspberry Pi, but it also has some major shortcomings. For a specific course I took at University, this board was recommended. Particularly, the course was on hardware design and that is where this board came in: […]

DIY Function Generators: On DACs, Performance and Cost

After acquiring an oscilloscope, the first thing an electronics hobbyist wants to do is take it for a spin. With the wide availability of cheap microcontrollers and an assortment of analog electronics, this is actually not too hard. But an oscilloscope, no matter how fancy, is in essence just a tool to look at electronic […]