The best file manager for Linux: The search for proper sorting

Ever since switching permanently to Linux, Ubuntu specifically, I have felt like something was missing from the experience. Unlike some of the criticism launched at linux distributions based on feelings, this was a measurable fact. There was something actually missing from Linux: A file manager of the same quality as the one on Windows. One […]

The Alchitry Mojo: A better FPGA board

FPGAs are fascinating high-tech devices which allow for some amazing possibilities for various projects. As I have previously written the Pynq Z2 offers a variety of features that makes it an interesting, albeit very complicated development board. The full experience requires not only designing hardware for the FPGA, but also getting data to and from […]

The line between security and paranoia: On trust and the place of Yubikeys

While the About Me page mentions that this blog does not have a posting schedule, I must say, I have been on writing hiatus. Writer’s block, you could say. Since the start of summer last year I’ve wanted to add a decryption option to my LUKS boot drive that uses a USB key, in such […]