Fluke 8000A-01 Power Supply Modification

As much as I can get side-tracked rambling about Linux, my real passion remains electronics, or, if you want to call it by its fancy name, Electrical Engineering. After all, this is my field of study. My personal ‘lab’ is, apart from my oscilloscope – my pride and joy, it was a gift -, built […]

GPU Accelerated Tensorflow with AMD Southern Islands (GCN 1.1) Cards

Machine learning is, apparently, increasingly becoming part of University curricula, and this is how I found myself faced with the requirement of running Tensorflow. However, if you’re on a budget, which will often be the case if you’re a student, you might find yourself trying to run demanding software on older hardware. My PC still […]

The Alchitry Mojo: A better FPGA board

FPGAs are fascinating high-tech devices which allow for some amazing possibilities for various projects. As I have previously written the Pynq Z2 offers a variety of features that makes it an interesting, albeit very complicated development board. The full experience requires not only designing hardware for the FPGA, but also getting data to and from […]

A not booting BeagleBone Black – A quick troubleshooting guide

The BeagleBone Black is my own personal favourite among the single-board computers that I have used. So much so, in fact, that recently I decided to buy myself another one. Given the relative age of these devices, they are easier to find on the second-hand market than through retail channels, it seems. This, combined with […]

The Pynq Z2 – A hobbyist’s review

The Pynq Z2 is a rather curious single-board computer. It has some very compelling features when compared to the Raspberry Pi, but it also has some major shortcomings. For a specific course I took at University, this board was recommended. Particularly, the course was on hardware design and that is where this board came in: […]

DIY Function Generators: On DACs, Performance and Cost

After acquiring an oscilloscope, the first thing an electronics hobbyist wants to do is take it for a spin. With the wide availability of cheap microcontrollers and an assortment of analog electronics, this is actually not too hard. But an oscilloscope, no matter how fancy, is in essence just a tool to look at electronic […]